CIISA statement in response to the Women and Equalities Committee (WEC) Misogyny in Music report

The Creative Industries Independent Standards Authority (CIISA) welcomes the Women and Equalities Committee recommendations and commitment for CIISA to help shine a light on unacceptable behaviour in the music industry. The evidence given in WEC’s Misogyny in Music report reveals an industry with an alarming prevalence of misogyny, discrimination, and gendered power imbalances. CIISA supports this essential report.

As the report concludes there are a number of urgent actions required to tackle these widespread issues including the creation of CIISA which will provide a single point of accountability. CIISA will be a ‘single front door’ for those working in the music industry – and across all the creative industries – to confidentially report unacceptable behaviour and use this insight to raise awareness and tackle concerns directly. CIISA will also unify existing best practice in promoting inclusive workplaces and addressing negative behaviours through the publication of its Standards.

CIISA is currently working with a range of stakeholders – particularly those who may use CIISA – to co-design its future services, which will include providing support, advice, mediation and adjudication where required. CIISA will go live with a range of initial services at the end of the year.