CIISA and tackling misogyny in music: ‘There’s light at the end of the tunnel!’

As the UK’s recent parliamentary report into misogyny in music made clear, a lot of work is still needed to make the music industry a safe and equitable place for women.

One of its notes of optimism was the creation of a new body called the Creative Industries Independent Standards Authority (CIISA), which will tackle bullying and harassment in the UK’s creative industries, including music.

It’s due to launch this year, and as part of the final stages of its development is surveying (until 10 March) industry professionals about how they would like it to work.

Someone who’s been thinking about that is Frances B Shillito from management firm FRNT MGMT. In May she’s going to be running a solo marathon, partly to raise awareness of the launch of CIISA, and partly to raise money for The Survivors Trust.

The latter is a national organisation that supports specialist rape and sexual abuse services, connecting more than 100,000 survivors a year with its members, who provide specialist support services.

Shillito was one of those people three years ago: the Trust found her an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) to work with following her experience of sexual assault.

“It was my first encounter with an ISVA. I didn’t even know what they were before. I don’t think a lot of people do. They helped me through the whole process step by step: the ISVA stays with you throughout the whole case,” she says.