CIISA Investment Information

CIISA Prospectus

Our creative industries are a true success story for the UK, continuing to grow and thrive both nationally and across the globe. They are a beacon of world-leading innovation and creativity and a cornerstone of UK economic growth, employing over two million people and generating over £100 billion in economic value.  This growth is testament to the incredible talent and experience of every creative industry professional who remain one of the most important assets for the sector. It is therefore vital that the sector continues to build and develop world-leading, safe and inclusive working environments for our creative workforce to grow and thrive. 

CIISA Funding Model Commonly Asked Questions

Why does CIISA need funding and what will it be used for?

CIISA is being established as a government supported, cross-industry backed authority for addressing poor workplace behaviour across the creative industries. CIISA represents the agreed steps that leaders, individuals and organisations from across the creative industries have asked for – and committed to taking – to ensure we collectively uphold and improve standards of behaviour through independent accountability and learning.

CIISA Corporate Strategy

This is our first Corporate Strategy for the Creative Industries Independent Standards Authority (CIISA) which marks an important milestone in CIISA’s development from a collective idea to realisation of much needed and wanted organisation. CIISA is being established to uphold and improve standards of behaviour across the creative industries and prevent and tackle bullying and bullying and harassment of a discriminatory nature. CIISA has been built on four foundations; vision, courage, collaboration, and innovation.